Sales Management

Empower sales engineering teams and score more POC wins

Get your team the best POC management platform, so they can execute POCs efficiently and close them successfully. More POC success means more revenue for Sales team.

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Better Reporting for your executives and board

Success provides reports and insights tailored for sales teams. These reports can be used to provide status to executive teams and board.

Implement Sales methodology in your POC process

Sales and customer management is integral part of running POCs. Success provides platform to implement some of the core principles of sales methodologies in POC process.

Do more with same resources

Save your sales engineers from manually chasing customers and internal teams. Success helps Sales Engineers to run a well managed POCs, so they can do more in the same time.

Automated sync of POC data into Salesforce

Salesforce stays the source of truth for all sales related data. Success syncs POC data with Salesforce continuously without requiring any manual entries from sales engineers.

Track where Sales team is working

Track all the POCs currently in progress for Account Executives. Success extensive reporting module allows you to slice and dice your sales and POC related data.

Integrations: Plays nicely with your existing tools.

Success’ ever growing app store provides integration with all popular tools that POC team works with. Our goal is to automate POC processes as much as possible, so you can spend more time running your POC.

Come for the POC management platform, stay for the complete Sales Engineering solution

Success helps you streamline your Sales Engineering activities and turns it into powerful and efficient presales machine.

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