Success App Now Listed on Gong!

We’re thrilled to share that the Success platform now integrates seamlessly with Gong, a powerhouse in sales enablement and conversation analytics. This integration empowers users to leverage conversation analytics for refining POC strategies based on real-time data. They help in gaining deeper insights into their POC processes, allowing the Sales Engineering teams to identify patterns..

December 26th, 2023

How Solutions Engineers Can Avoid Overpromising and Still Achieve Technical Win

Solutions Engineers play a vital role in the world of sales. They need to know their products well and ensure clients understand their value. But there’s a challenge: the desire…

December 18th, 2023

Crafting Product Demos That Make Buyers Say ‘Yes’

In the world of sales, product demos are the not-so-secret weapon in your sales arsenal. These demonstrations are the linchpin in the intricate dance of turning leads into customers. Think…

December 11th, 2023
Image illustrating the POC pitfalls

Common POC Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them

Master the art of Proof of Concepts in sales engineering! Elevate your sales game by identifying key POC pitfalls and strategic solutions.

November 28th, 2023
Free 120 Presales Engagements & Unlimited Users

🚀 Free Starter Plan for Presales Teams

Today, we’re announcing the availability of free Sign-up for presales teams. We’re launching a new “Starter” pricing plan in Success Presales CRM platform. This new “Starter” plan is free forever…

March 3rd, 2023

Presales Enablement- A Definitive Guide To The Strategy And How It Works

If you’re in sales, you’ve probably heard of sales enablement. The term and process are growing in the industry, and for good reason. Sales enablement has a strong success rate…

March 11th, 2022