Success App Now Listed on Gong!

Published on: December 26th, 2023

We’re thrilled to share that the Success platform now integrates seamlessly with Gong, a powerhouse in sales enablement and conversation analytics. This integration empowers users to leverage conversation analytics for refining POC strategies based on real-time data. They help in gaining deeper insights into their POC processes, allowing the Sales Engineering teams to identify patterns and refine their strategies.

Empowering Users with Comprehensive Tools

The integrated features of Success with Gong provide users with a robust set of tools for an enriched proof of concept (POC) experience. 

1. Keyword Tracking for Efficient Insights:

The Keyword Tracker efficiently identifies and tallies specific keyword usage in customer conversations. This benefits sales engineering teams by providing quick insights into key trends and topics during the POC processes.

2. Streamlined Access and Participant Insights:

Success ensures seamless synchronization of Gong conversations and calls directly under the meetings page. This streamlines the POC tracking process, benefiting sales engineers by centralizing all relevant information for easy access. The integration also identifies active participants in calls, offering users a clear understanding of individual contributions during conversations.

3. Enhanced User Experience with Advanced Filters:

Success offers advanced filters, allowing precise searches for relevant results. This feature empowers SEs to effortlessly navigate through extensive data, extract valuable insights, and spot potential challenges early in the POC process. The nuanced Project-level sync ensures a targeted and project-specific integration, benefiting users by focusing on the details of each proof-of-concept initiative.

In conclusion, the seamless integration of Success with Gong brings a powerful synergy to sales enablement. It offers users an enhanced proof of concept experience with advanced analytics, streamlined access, and precise insights for optimizing their strategies in real-time.

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