Presales Enablement- A Definitive Guide To The Strategy And How It Works

Published on: March 11th, 2022

If you’re in sales, you’ve probably heard of sales enablement. The term and process are growing in the industry, and for good reason. Sales enablement has a strong success rate when it comes to increasing win rates by equipping sales professionals with the right tools. Companies that put a strategy in place will see positive ROI.

An alternate term to “enterprise sales” is “presales enablement”. This type of selling is all about improving a business’s capacity for sales before any actual selling has begun. This method identifies the key pain points of a customer and explains how a product or service can provide a solution.

How does presales enablement work

The sales enablement process is a complex web of technology, training, and tools all aimed at delivering a better buying experience for the customer. Sales enablement is just one part of that ecosystem, leveraging the right tools to support professionals at the initial stage of the sales cycle.

The presales enablement method is used to enhance the sales process by focusing on market research, capitalizing on opportunities, lead nurturing, and providing technical information during the sale. To elevate these processes, the presales enablement uses tools that ensures every stage of the sales cycle is conducted in an efficient way.

In today’s highly competitive markets, the sales team is being asked to do more with less. A premium is being placed on presales enablement as a way to reduce the time it takes to get deals closed. The presales enablement preps the groundwork where a comprehensive customer profile has been built with winning proposals and demos. The presales executive identifies a customer’s pain points and has the technical knowledge to provide a solution.

The presales process

The presales process is any action that happens before or contributes to the sale. It will be different for every organization, but typically follows a process:

  • Lead generation
  • Customer discovery
  • Product demonstration
  • Proposal

After a deal is complete, the presales teams are also involved in the training, implementation, or follow-up of a sale. The presales department will work closely with the sales team, providing support at every touchpoint in the sales cycle.

Technology in presales

Technology is a large part of an effective presales strategy. Automation platforms can help presales teams find, nurture, and identify qualified leads. The right software, such as POC management tools, can provide an accurate picture of the business dynamics in a company.

The landscape of product demonstration is also changing, sales teams are relying less on “impersonal” demo tools, like videos and infographics, and more on a hands-on approach. Customers now prefer and interact with the product on POC platforms that give them a realistic picture of the product’s capabilities.

Demos in presales

Demos are a great way to sell your product before it even hits the market. In a demo, you can show customers exactly how well your product works for them. This helps them see their potential value and helps you close more sales. You can also customize demos with real world scenarios that help your prospects see how they will actually use your product in their environment.

Find your presales foundations

An investment on presales strategy will have an impressive ROI. A presales enablement infrastructure allows presales teams to do their best work, and a well-performed presales process can be elevated through technology. Tools like POC management platforms will accelerate and streamline the sales cycle, improving win rates and engaging the customer. And Success offers the right POC platform for your business. 

Photo by Thomas Lefebvre on Unsplash

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