Pudding is now Success to solve end to end presales challenges

April 13th, 2021

Pudding, a sales engineering platform, has announced its rebranding to Success. Gartner named Pudding a “Cool Vendor” in the April 2020 CRM Sales Technologies report.

The company is changing its name to better reflect its mission to make sales engineering more productive, and is also rolling out a suite of new features to help its customers achieve faster evaluation cycles and more technical wins.

“We saw the challenges in technical evaluations first hand in the field, and built Pudding to solve the Proof of Concept challenges. Now with Success, our mission has expanded to create a new category of “Sales Success Platform” and become a go to destination for sales engineering teams.”

Vik Arya, Founder of “Success”

Where it all started in the world of Proof of Concepts:

Back in March 2019 when we started our journey, we wanted to create a space where the sales engineering managers, sales engineering teams, and their customers can collaborate in preparing a Proof of Concepts(POCs) and Proof of Values(POVs).

Our initial focus is to solve the problems of POCs, back then there are no tools to solve them.

Here are a few critical problems we picked up to solve.

  • How do sales engineering managers get continuous visibility into POCs (and POVs)?
  • How do sales engineering teams feel confident that their POCs are going to close successfully?
  • How do sales engineers manage POCs in a single platform instead of living on salesforce, spreadsheet, email, and slack?
  • How do we improve POC experience for end customers and increase engagement with customers during the POC cycle?
  • And how do we increase the data hygiene in Salesforce, so the forecasting in salesforce is accurate? 

With the energies and focus that was put in, Pudding became an out-and-out solution for any POC need and our customers are super happy with the results.

“Pudding makes it super easy to look at single pane of glass and understand the current status of all our Proof of Concepts”

Phil Meneses, Senior Sales Engineer at Preempt Security

Evolution from Pudding(A POC Management Platform) to Success(Sales Success Platform):

During our journey of the last two years, as we learned from our customers, we figured out that our customers are in need of a more integrated solution that can look after the entire sales engineering cycle. It should allow sales engineering teams, product teams, support teams, and customer success teams to collaborate on a single platform to create POCs and POVs.

This need of our customers became our vision to create a “go to platform” for sales engineering teams. Currently, we are on the verge of building a product that can help sales engineering teams to be more successful in closing deals. Our aim is to introduce the new category “Sales Success Platform”.

In order to be in sync with our vision, we renamed our brand to Success.
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