How to write an effective Statement of Work for POC

Published on: October 16th, 2020

A statement of work is a document, which specifies the key aspects of a product or service, is crucial to every POC to ensure that teams complete their task on time and as expected. As they are read by technical and non-technical readers, it is important to maintain clear and direct sentences with concise details. For a POC to be successful it should be accompanied by a clear statement of work to get significant desired results.


Here are some suggestions for an effective SOW for POC:

Point out the objective

The objective of the POC should be on point on the statement of work as it is the official document between two engaging parties. It should brief the goals and solutions to business problems or positively affect the organization’s sales and marketing vision.

Use succinct language

More often POC’s can get complicated due to the complex sales vernaculars used throughout. Hence, you should be clear and concise in how you communicate and depict your product or service. In doing so, the stipulated terms and conditions can be conveyed precisely from the beginning.

Define the scope of work

The scope of work should communicate the essence and end results of your POC. This includes the resources, deliverables, sales milestones, costs, and the timeline to achieve the goals. It is more important to specify each of them in detail and explain how you will deliver them. This way the scope is streamlined towards the goal until it is satisfied.

Consistency is the key

Try to describe the major aspects of the POC by common verbs and use these verbs consistently across the statement of work. This way, the prime goal can be conveyed without the complexity, and in turn, it will be feasible for sales engineers to demonstrate the product effectively.

Include statistics and examples

The use of statistical data in sales vertical ticks many boxes and also ensures that the POC is well quantified and stays visible to the prospects. Also, providing examples related to sales projects can eventually increase the engagement factor and can probably obtain the overall interest of the stakeholders.

To conclude, the statement of work provides transparency into various processes for the project stakeholders and reduces any confusion that may arise during the POC.

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