10 Essential Skills of Sales Engineer – Part 2 of 2

Published on: June 9th, 2021

This is our second blog on the 10 essential skills of a sales engineer. The first blog talked about the significance of a sales engineer and how they act as a bridge between sales and product development with 5 essential skills. Let us explore the remaining 5 skills that a sales engineer shall possess.

6. Teamwork and Independency

The ability to work in harmony with different teams such as Product,  Marketing, Engineering, Support, Professional Services, and Customer Success can make a sales engineer truly stand out. While working both collaboratively and independently, they can effectively communicate their thoughts with other pre-sales engineers within the company. It is essential to their role in the sales process and be adaptable while working as part of a team by executing strategies and be able to work alone by conducting market research and analysis. 

7. Good rapport with clients

A sales engineer maintains a good relationship with the clients to fulfil the client’s requirements by prioritizing their realistic expectations and fostering loyalty. But, how do we do it? By a good follow-up. On every email, phone conversation, web meetings, in-person meetings they need to respond at the earliest making the prospects feel at ease by leading the sales conversation. Their knowledge about the product and a good follow-up captivates their peers, leadership, customers and prospects.

8. Work under pressure

A sales engineer’s growth relies on sales. The sales targets are expected to be achieved every month or quarter which makes them ideal to work under pressure. It is crucial for a sales engineer to remain calm and be able to work well under pressure. This skill set helps them to exceed their targets and potentially thrive in their domain.

9. Persuasion and Negotiation skills

When a client struggles to see the benefits of the product, it is a sales engineer’s responsibility to convince them by explaining that the product is worthwhile. Additionally, when a client asks for a different contractual term, time of product delivery, and other legal terms and contracts, they need the skills to try and negotiate a beneficial deal for both parties. 

10. Networking skills

Every sales engineer has a professional network to reach the pinnacle of their career. The connectivity and exposure to multiple industry verticals help them in being informed about relevant problems and solutions. They can familiarize themselves with other sales engineers so that it is mutually beneficial. Presales collective, LinkedIn, and local SE meet-ups are some of the sources where they can connect and communicate with others to sell their product. 
A sales engineer collaborates with the sales team, understands the client’s requirements, plans and modifies product configurations, schedules product demos, and creates sales contracts. The above-mentioned skills assist them with the power to engage clients and establish themselves as potential collaborators in the world of business.

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