How to nail your product demo

Published on: November 23rd, 2021
Updated on: November 23rd, 2021

In presales, SEs spend a lot of time and effort in preparing and perfecting the demo. The demo makes a prospect to get excited and can be unique catering to every customer. It provides an overview of your product and how each feature helps in addressing the customer’s concerns and their business needs. 

The first 5 minutes are the most significant part of the demo. This is the crucial phase since a majority of the customers pay their full attention to your product, deciding whether to sit through the rest of the demo or not. The following tips will engage your customers through the entire demo process.

Tell a story 

A product demo is not about presenting a quick tour of your product’s features and its functions. Instead, tell a story where your product stands in the limelight. The effective approach to tell a story will be to keep the tone conversational, make a connection, and finally be concise with your narration. 

A good product demo can be achieved by implementing the following skills for better storytelling:

  1. Read your audience and identify their personas
  2. Follow a narrative arc without getting deviated
  3. Engage the audience with follow-up questions

Have a Strong Intro

The demo should be well structured and curated to the needs of every customer. Customers want to know how your product will personally impact their organization, so having a strong intro in your product demos is key. Ask initial questions and describe the value proposition your product brings to their organization. If there is a specific pain point from the customer, explain how your feature addresses it. 

Present the prospect with a preview of how your product will work in a setup. This helps to be comfortable and observant once the demo begins, as they will know what to expect.

Offer a reason to change

Many prospects already have incumbent solutions to solve their problem and may  not have a need for change unless there is a compelling reason. Thus, it’s important to tell your prospect why your product exists and what value it brings compared to their current product  and how effective it can be at solving their problems.

Each attendee may have problems unique to them based on their designation within the company. This results in having different perspectives when it comes to seeing your product’s value. Address each and every individual’s pain points and explain how your product is the most ideal solution to their concerns.

Etch a memory

A convincing and relevant demo concept will certainly capture your customer’s attention, but if you also want it to be etched in their memory, take it a step further. The best introductions include a sense of humor, or maybe a surprising fact or statistics. Think out of the box and make your product to be remembered well by your customers. 

As a Sales Engineer, you represent your product and seek for their time, attention and money. Potential customers not only assess your technology, but also your technical expertise and communication. The user experience you provide during the first five minutes of your demo is all that matters to nail the product demo. 

Photo by Wes Hicks on Unsplash

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