Pudding got an upgrade, It is SUCCESS now.

Published on: April 2nd, 2021

When we founded Pudding 2 years ago, we wanted to solve the problems of Proof of Concepts (POCs). There were no tools around focussing on sales engineering problems. Some of the most pressing problems we focussed on solving were:

  • How do sales engineering managers get continuous visibility into POCs (and POVs)?
  • How do sales engineering teams feel confident that their POCs are going to close successfully?
  • How do sales engineers manage POCs in a single platform instead of living on salesforce, spreadsheet, email and slack?
  • How do we improve POC experience for end customers and increase engagement with customers during the POC cycle?
  • And how do we increase the data hygiene in Salesforce, so the forecasting in salesforce is accurate? 

We were hyper focussed on solving POC challenges. We built Pudding, which our customers love to use. 

From POC Management Platform to Sales Success Platform:

Over the last two years, as we helped our customers manage their proof of concepts and proof of values, our customers wanted more. They wanted to manage the entire sales engineering cycle end to end, which included sales engineering teams, product teams, support teams and customer success teams. 

Our vision for the product is to become a “go to platform” for sales engineering teams. We are building a product to help sales engineering teams be more efficient, win more deals. To align with our vision, we are renaming our platform to Success App, and aiming to create a new category “Sales Success Platform”. 

To learn more about Success platform, please schedule a demo. We’ll be happy to show you the a detailed demo and share our vision.

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