Thanksgiving 2020: Thank you notes

Published on: November 26th, 2020

I can’t believe it’s been already a year since I wrote my first thanksgiving thank you notes. Thanksgiving is a special holiday – It’s a day off from work, delicious food, friends and family (no holiday party this year). Fun apart, Thanksgiving provides an opportunity to pause and reflect back on our achievements and acknowledge the people who played a part in them. So, let’s start with thank you notes:

  • Thank you to all our new customers. Thanks for giving us an opportunity to be part of your presales journey.
  • Thank you current customers. Many of you have been with us since the beginning. Thank you for advising us and providing feedback. Your feedback has helped us tremendously in shaping the product and providing you a better ROI.
  • Thanks to our advisors who spent their valuable time engaging with us and provided guidance and feedback.
  • Thanks to Success team for building great product with an amazing user experience. Our customers picked Success after comparing with other options available in market.
  • Thanks to Gartner for listing Success App as Cool Vendor in 2020 CRM Sales category.
  • Thank you to everyone who interacted with us by reading our posts, seeing demos and following us on social media.

Thanksgiving 2019 -> 2020:

In the last one year, we packed tons of features for helping pre sales teams with their POC (Proof of Concept) management and customer engagement. We delivered some really unique capabilities and integrations to automate workflows.

For hardware companies, we released an inventory management system integrated into Success POC management workflows.

We added many features including major enhancements into saleforce and other integrations.

Apart from data isolation, APIs/Webhooks, we released many other features to go along with tracking POCs and managing engagements.

Growth continues at Success. We are more than double the size since last thanksgiving.

SOC2 compliance: Securing our customer and user data has always been of paramount importance for us. Earlier this year, Success completed its SOC2 compliance.

Today, Success is perfectly placed for achieving new heights and growth in 2021. We are here because of our amazing customers, advisors who continue to support us. The team at Success continues to do wonderful work of building and supporting our customers.

Thank you all again!

Looking forward to writing again my thank you notes in Thanksgiving 2021.

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