Improve Your Sales Visibility At The Start Of 2022

Published on: February 4th, 2022

The science of sales enablement for sales engineers lies in the formula: planning, preparing and engaging. Now it’s time to classify the steps. The main element that makes sales planning tick is visibility.

Why Sales visibility is the first step

In order to create a successful sales pipeline, sales reps need to have visibility into their opportunities. Sales rep insight allows you to analyze and prioritize your sales efforts, so you can move deals forward.

Uncovering and analyzing the individual components of a strategic framework will help us better understand how to optimize sales enablement. It is possible for companies to miss 10% of their total annual sales in “lost opportunity” revenue. This could have been captured as a result of enterprise visibility on sales activities and insight into target markets.

An elevated perspective of your sales pipeline and opportunities will reveal the vital signs of your business. Buyers respond to touch points, so it is important to be consistent with following up and using the same processes.

The idea of sales visibility is about making sure that the client service team has a complete and accurate picture of everything that’s going on with every account. This way, they can make better decisions when it comes to turning a prospect into a client.

Sales Visibility

The sales visibility helps your team members be more aware of their success. It acts as a true expert that knows all the ways they have succeeded in their field. They know the factors that lead to their success and take them into consideration when working on a project

Importance of Sales visibility

Visibility helps sales reps see what’s working and what’s not. They can then replicate the things that are working and mitigate the things that aren’t. A true expert knows all the ways they have succeeded in their field. They know the factors that lead to their success and take them into consideration when working on a project.

1. Engages and correct problematic areas 

Pipeline visibility shows you where your sales are going. It helps you identify weaknesses in your team, and correct them. This increases the success of both sides of the organization chart. For these reasons, pipeline visibility is an addition to any sales rep’s life.

2. Make “growth levers” visible

Every business has “growth levers.” These levers can be pulled to expand the business. To understand these growth levers such as marketing channels and leads, you need to have sales pipeline visibility.

3. Enables true prioritization 

By keeping track of everything that you do, Pipeline Visibility helps you see what matters and what doesn’t. It helps you see deals that are in need of your attention. Deals you had once forgotten or never noticed that it existed. 

4. Impact on managers and reps 

Sales visibility is often mistaken by sales managers as a way to micromanage. But it is not. It provides more visibility than ever before into the work done by sales reps, so that management and sales leaders can work together to increase revenue.

Here’s how: By using sales data and analytics, managers can set their team up for success. They can see which accounts are close to a sale, which ones have been in the pipeline for months or years without closure, and which reps sell to new prospects most effectively. Then they can make adjustments and provide coaching or mentoring where needed. It becomes a win-win for both managers and the sales reps.

Sales visibility from a manager’s perspective 

Sales visibility is important for sales managers and their teams. It is about understanding the sales process and how it works. This allows managers to identify problem areas and address them through training, coaching, or other resources.

Sales visibility allows leaders to see patterns, both positive and negative. If a leader sees a sales rep who’s weak in lead qualification, they can pair them up with someone strong in that area.

If you have a sales rep who is doing well in the new market, study their patterns and best practices. Those practices might include how they talk on the phone, what they are guaranteeing, and how they position your solution. Use that as a basis for training your other reps and new hires.

Sales leaders can better train employees when they can see their patterns and processes. With this information, leaders can customize their management style to meet the needs of each employee.

Not everyone is strong in the same areas. Sales visibility lets you address these issues and approach them tactfully with solutions. In addition, sales visibility helps give business owners a more confident view of the future with better planning due to a visible pipeline.

A better tool for sales visibility is Our POC management platform allows users to track project sales, automate tasks, get insights, and all other functions that you need to run successful Proof of Concepts. It can collaborate with internal teams and customers without any friction. The increased efficiency helps sales and marketing teams focus on what matters most, stay on top of all opportunities, and build a more optimized sales pipeline.

Photo by Riccardo Annandale on Unsplash

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